Thursday, 26 September 2013

Why Council

With his daughter now 3, Jason started thinking about what the long term vision of the community is and what it will look like for her to grow up in. This, along with his strong desire to serve and add value to others, got him thinking about how he could possibly have a positive impact in the community and help be a part of creating a future vision for the area. The answer to how he could have that impact came when he was approached by a number of people in the area about running for Division 3 Councillor.

Jason loved how the role seemed to be perfect fit for the contribution he wanted to make and jumped in with both feet. Having always been told how good a listener he is, Jason saw the opportunity to get to know the people in the area better and find out how they think we can make the community an even better one. He feels the chance to connect with the heart of the community and be a voice to take the opinions to the next level is one he couldn't pass up on.