Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Water Meter Replacement Program

This is a mandatory program for homes and businesses who receive water directly from the MD of Foothills.

Any home owners who were missed in the spring of 2018, will be contacted by Scotty’s Plumbing and Heating within the next month to set up an appointment.

Residents who have not booked an upgrade or have refused to upgrade their water meter, will be charged an unmetered water rate of not less than 6X the applicable current service fee for water. This will result in a water and sewer bill of $480 every month at current rates.



A new Water Meter Replacement Program has been established by the MD of Foothills in order to ensure maximum accuracy of your water bills. The MD has contracted a supplier to replace the water meter in your home or business at no charge to you. You will not be billed for this replacement/installation.

Installations began January 2018. This program will be completed summer of 2018. Any home owners who were missed, will be contacted within the next two months to set up an appointment.
Some water meters were not replaced during the recent installation program; mainly due to the high volume of snow making certain meter locations inaccessible and residents being away.

Water meter installation appointments can be made to fit your schedule. The work typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete. These upgrades will allow the MD to read the water meter remotely from your house or business and will eliminate the need for the meter reader to gain access to your property to read the meter.

Please ensure the area around the existing water meter is clear and accessible. In addition to clearing this space, please leave ample room for the installer to work. Your existing shut-off valve should be located where the water service comes into your house or business. Check your main water shut-off valve to make sure it is accessible and operable.

It is the home owners responsibility to ensure heat tape is working properly or replaced if necessary.
The Water Meter Replacement Program is an important part of the process to ensure equitable billing for all residents and businesses. The upgraded meter will also provide timely leak detection to help minimize unexpectedly high water bills. We look forward to your support and cooperation to make this program a success.

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Cycling Events to be Aware of

Quick 4 Minute Video Update

Cycling Events Coming Up in the Area

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On Sunday, Sept 16 Cancervive Cycle Tour will be wrapping up in the MD of Foothills.  Approximately 40 riders will be leaving Millarville, heading west on highway 549, north on 240th St, west on Plummers' Road, then north on 762 to highway 22 between the hours of 8am-5pm so there may be some minor traffic delays during those times if you are travelling any of those routes.

On Tuesday, September 25 WSP is hosting a small cycling event for approximately 25 riders.  They will be out between noon and 3:30pm utilizing the same route as listed above.

MD Council has suggested, in the future, to not utilize this route on the weekends as these roads are so busy and shoulders so narrow.  Also, council has suggested future routes to be directed to the southern portion of the MD to the Longview area were it is not as busy and the roads are wider and a little quieter.

Hopefully this will be winding down the cycling events for the year.

Aug 29 - Millarville Water Line 4 min Update

Quick 4 Minute Video Update

Millarville Waterline Update

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Construction is going well.  The pipeline is about 2 weeks behind schedule but the mechanical updates at the water treatment plant are on time.  Staff is still hoping for a completion date of the line by the beginning of October.

Staff has contacted the contractors and they are open to an extension of the line to include the hamlet of Millarville and the Millarville Community School which is great news.  They are to provide council with a quote for the additional work and council will have the final approval.  As the original project has been under budget, this extension will be included in the original cost of the line.

The timeline for having the extension of the line complete is the end of October if all goes well.  If you are adjacent to the line, you should have received a letter from the MD with the option to connect.  Be sure to contact the MD to let them know if you would like to ASAP.