Wednesday, 13 March 2019

March 13th Update - Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw, Secondary Suites Implementation Plan and Tree Workshops (Square Butte Hall)

Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw

Today Foothills Council provided 2nd and 3rd Readings to the new Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw.  

For more information on the bylaw, CLICK HERE for my previous post where I go into more detail on it.

It may be a bit before the new bylaw is posted on the County website, but for information on the previous bylaw, you can visit:  This is likely where the updated bylaw will be posted.  As soon as hear it is live, I will be sure to let you know.

Secondary Suites Implementation Plan

On January 30, 2019 Foothills Council gave first reading to the draft Land Use Bylaw amendments to allow for secondary suites on parcels 2 acres in size and larger.  At that time, Council requested staff come back with details on how these amendments may be implemented.

Today, staff discussed with Council the proposed implementation strategy.  The strategy outlined the following:
  • Education for the public on Secondary Suites
  • Comprehensive Information for the public
  • Details on the permitting process and Safety Code approvals
  • Secondary Suites registry
  • Timelines for coming into compliance
  • Enforcement of Non-Permitted Suites
  • Next Steps for future phases
Council accepted the implementation plan and a more finalized version should come back before Council prior to the Land Use Bylaw Amendments to allow for Secondary Suites receiving second and third readings.  For more information on Secondary Suites, see my post HERE.  For the most recent version of the proposed amendment, CLICK HERE.

Tree Workshops and Square Butte Hall and Seaman Sports Rink

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Mar 6th Update - Foothills County Protective Services Update

Note: If your are receiving this in your email and the video below does not show up, click the headline above it to be taken to the website to view it. 

Foothills Protective Services - Year In Review

Today Foothills Council had the Protective Services before Council to provide a Year in Review for 2018.  Watch the video above for details (if the video above does not show, click this link to be taken to the webpage:

For more information on Foothills County Protective Services, CLICK HERE.