Friday, 27 September 2013

Vision for the M.D.

After having talked with a large number of people in the area, Jason has identified a trend in the common concerns of many of the constituents.  With these concerns in mind, if elected as a member of council, Jason will bring:
  1. Belief in Service
    • As a councillor, Jason's job would be to give the people of his district a voice.  His purpose is to serve his constituents to the best of his ability by truly listening to their concerns.  It would be his job to represent you, to the best of his ability to the MD, ensuring your voice is heard.
    • To serve effectively, there must be effective and efficient communication.  Jason will always do his best to respond and follow-up with his constituents in a timely matter.
    • Jason would like to establish a system of feedback to enable the people to voice their opinion in a simple manner to help the MD make our community an even better place to live in.
  2. Fiscal Responsibility
    • Coming from a family of Chartered Accountants, Jason always has had an interest in where money goes and if it is utilized most effectively.
    • He believes the questions, "Is this the best use of our resources at this time?" and "Is this something we really should be doing?" can be very valuable ones to be reminded of.
  3. Responsible Development
    • The M.D. is a beautiful place to live and we all have specific reasons we have chosen to live here.  With this in mind, the different divisions vary widely in landscape and land usability.  It is difficult to have one set of policies for development for all areas and this is something that Jason believes needs to be looked at again with the ability to have possible development looked at on an individual, case-by-case basis.
    • It is important to maintain green space and agricultural land, however, it is also important to support the people, ranchers, farmers, services and businesses that we currently have in the area (i.e. schools, hospital, local businesses, etc.).  Hence, "Responsible Development" that preserves all these things and allows for growth in the area in a responsible way is important for the future of the area.
    • There will be a great deal of pressure placed on the M.D. with the possible continuation of Calgary's ring road in the SW and the M.D. needs to have a clear long term vision for the area and Jason looks forward to helping establish this vision.