Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Dec 5th Update - MD Budget Discussion, Millarville Waterline Good/Bad News and Sheep River Health Trust Avenue of Trees/Pictures with SANTA

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MD Council Budget Discussion

Today, MD Council had their second round of budget discussions.  There is still a lot of work to do.  Discussions will continue in the New Year and a final decision will not be made likely until March after the Provincial Budget is released.  At that point, Council will have an idea of just what the Provincial School Requisition will be so the Mill Rate can be set.

Generally, approximately 40% of the property taxes the MD take in is to go directly to the Province to help cover this school requisition.  It is used by the province to fund the education system.

Millarville Waterline Good/Bad News

The good news is, construction of the Millarville waterline is complete!  I believe the system has even been flushed.  The bad news is two fold.  First, the contractor informed the MD that in order to service the extension to the school, there is a pump upgrade required.  Unfortunately, this pump is not an off-the-shelf item and needs to be custom fabricated.  The company that does these is back logged and stated it could be 4-6 months until it is completed.  I am hoping that is a worst case scenario and it will be sooner.

The second bit of bad news is that Alberta Environment has thrown some other curve balls that will hold up putting water through the line.  MD staff is working through this and has been meeting with Environment almost weekly in order to find alternate solutions.  What this means is it pushes back the date the line can be used.  I am hopeful that this will be resolved before the new pump is installed so that it does not further delay the line.

I assure you that everything that can be done is being done and I will continue to keep you informed.

Sheep River Health Trust - Avenue of Trees

As I have mentioned before, the Sheep River Health Trust is currently doing their Avenue of Trees event.  There are 40 trees on display at the Okotoks Recreation Centre that are currently being auctioned off and they are beautiful!

If you are looking for a tree, this is a great place to get one!  

I am happy to say that the MD's tree has been, once again, chosen as one of the 10 Live Auction trees that will be auctioned off on December 15th at 12:45pm at the Rec Centre.  

PLEASE VOTE AND SHARE! Here is an image of the MD's entry into the Sheep River Health Trust's Avenue of Trees. The MD is in the running for the "Fan Favorite" but they need your help!

Please CLICK HERE and then "LIKE" the tree to vote for it (if you do like it that is) and comment letting them know what you think (if you just like my post, it will not count towards the voting).

If you LOVE this tree and would like to own it, you can bid either in person on December 15th at the Okotoks Rec Centre at 12:45 or online HERE.

A very special thank-you to the MD of Foothills No. 31 staff members (Kristine Bencharski, Toni Groeneveld-Sheep River HealthTrust MD of Foothills TreeBouvier and Kelsey Kilborn) that did such an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job on putting this tree together. I know how much effort must have gone into it and I'm sure it will find a well deserving home!

Pictures with Santa!

While you are attending the Sheep River Health Trust's Avenue of Trees, be sure to have your picture taken with Santa as he will be making a special visit to the Okotoks Rec Centre also!  Dates and times can be found HERE!