Wednesday, 3 July 2019

July 3 Update - TC Energy, Millarville Races, Millarville Heritage Rodeo, Spruce Meadows North American, Off-Highway Vehicles & Explore Foothills

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TC Energy (Trans Canada) West Path Project

Representatives from TC Energy (formerly Trans Canada) were before Council today to bring us up to speed on their "West Path Project" which includes upgrades to the compressor station at their site between Millarville and Turner Valley.

They received their approvals in April 2019, have mobilized, done some site grading and have begun construction of the site.  They stated the "noisiest" part is already complete which was the installation of the piles.  Construction is to last until Q2 of 2020 and all components will be in service shortly thereafter.

I asked a number of questions with regards to the roads and assisting the locals.  They confirmed there is a road use agreement in place so any damage they do to the road, will be repaired at their cost and not any of the County resident's.  Also, they suggested if there were concerns from residents as to issues with the road, to let them know and they will do their best to address the concerns.

For more information on the project, click on images to make them bigger or CLICK HERE for the sheets they provided Council as the images below are very small.  


Happy Canada Day - 114th Millarville Races (@ 1:56)

Canada Day was another fantastic day with the 114th running of the Millarville Races.  The weather was perfect, the storm held off until after the races were complete.  

It was a fun day of family, friends, horse races and of course the Millarville Farmers Market which is open every Saturday, 9-2 until Thanksgiving Saturday, Oct 12.

Support our local venders and get the best produce and local meat in the area.

Millarville Rodeo - July 19-21 (@ 2:42)

Another great event at the Millarville Racetrack in the 22nd Millarville Heritage Rodeo!  Be sure to book your camp sites and stay for the entire weekend.  

The next best thing to the Calgary Stampede (at a fraction of the price)!  Follow them on Facebook here or visit them on the web at:

Spruce Meadows North American July 6-7 (@ 3:02)

If horse jumping is more your thing than this weekend at Spruce Meadows is for you.  This weekend it is taking place and some of the best from all over North America will be in attendance.  

Lots to see and take in and another great event in the Foothills.  

Visit: for more details and to get your tickets.  

Off-Highway Vehicles in the Foothills (@ 3:36)

Just a reminder for those of you that use OHV's in the Foothills.  Be safe, be respectful and obey the laws.  Sounds as though users have been very respectful so far this year so lets keep it that way.

The brochure is a reminder for everyone and is available at the County website at:

Explore Foothills (Foothills Tourism) (@ 4:27)

Foothills Tourism isn't just for bringing more people to the area but also a great opportunity for locals to experience more of what their own backyard has to offer.  

Yesterday, the new organization launched their official new website at and I must say, it is a MUST VISIT!  

Explore all different categories of what the area has to offer you based off your own interests!  

From Family Fun to Agritourism, to Sports and Recreation opportunities in the area.  I guarantee you will find something new that you will want to check out.  

Not to be left out for you "Foodies" out there, available is a listing of some of the best food establishments that are a must try.

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All the best,

Jason Parker
Councillor – Division 3
Foothills County

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