Wednesday, 3 April 2019

April 3rd Update - Fire Season, Frost and Tree Workshop

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Fire Season Reminder

With the warmer weather and the ground drying out, that puts us at risk of fires.  If you have any burns to do, be sure to get your burn permit online at


Open fires are allowed by obtaining a burning permit online or in person at the Heritage Pointe Fire Station or call the station at 403-603-3571.

Burning barrels with screen covers and located on non combustible surfaces will also be allowed. Caution is to be observed with any fire.

With the strong wind that tend to come up, we want to be sure that you keep safe!

Frost and Roads (@ 1:05)

In talking with the Public Department today, they informed me that approximately 1 metre of frost has come out of the ground with slightly over 1 metre remaining.  

What does this mean for you?  

It means a couple things.  First, Public Works are not able to complete repairs until the frost has fully come out of the ground as the work they would do, would just be undone again.  Second, if you are having issues with your roads, feel free to still report it to them.  Third, they will unlikely be able to do the repair for likely around a month until the frost is fully out and the seasonal staff is back to work.

So, have patience with the roads, but still feel free to report issues if you find them so they get on the list for repair.

Tree Planting and Maintenance Workshop (@ 1:58)


There is another tree workshop coming up on April 10th at 9:30 am at the Scott Seaman Sports Rink at Heritage.  To reserve your seats, visit:

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