Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Feb 27th Update - Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw, Rural Crime Watch & Anti-Bullying Day

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Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw

Today Foothills Council further discussed the Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw that was presented at Open Houses back in March and June of 2018.  

Stated on the County website, "Changes are proposed to replace the existing Dog Control Bylaw with an updated Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw. These changes will bring the existing bylaw into compliance with the Provincial Offences and Procedures Act, provide new operational processes and tools to enable officers to better investigate and respond to complaints and ensure public safety along with making the bylaw more accessible through the use of clear terminology."

Council gave it first reading and directed staff to make some further edits before it coming back for 2nd and 3rd readings.  You can read a little more about it HERE.

High Country Rural Crime Watch Meeting - March 4th (@1:30)

The HCRCW will be hosting it's AGM and a regular meeting on March 4th at the PRiddis Hall.

Topics will include:

  • Updates from the Turner Valley Detachment of the RCMP
  • FireSmart discussion from the Foothills Fire Department
  • and others

Anti-Bulling Day (@2:22)

Be Kind, Be Caring, Be Awesome Day

This year, Feb 27th was Anti-Bullying Day.  It is a day where people wear pink to stand against bullying.  I am not a big proponent of "Anti" things (I am a big believer in focusing on what we WANT vs what we DON'T want but I digress) so I prefer to refer to it as, "Be Kind, Be Caring, Be Awesome Day"!

As someone was on the receiving end of this as a child, I believe in the importance of education and spreading positive words around being more kind and caring.  

Often those young and old need the reminder of how important and IMPACTFUL, both positively and negatively, our words can be.  

I try very hard to very particular with the words I use to promote positivity in the world (and I hope you do as well)as we speak our world into existence with our words!

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