Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Feb 13th Update - Plow Trucks & Burning Barrels/Fire Pits

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Foothills County Plow Trucks

With the looks of a snow storm coming over the next few days, we received some unfortunate new today as Foothills Public Works is down three plow trucks.  Staff is doing what they can to get at least one of them back up and running in the next few days but it looks as though one may be out until spring and the other will hopefully be ready sooner.

What does this mean for residents?  Obviously it may mean that the roads may not be cleared as quickly as public works and residents may like.  Staff is doing everything they can to make up for the lost equipment, but I ask for residents to have some patience over the next while until they are able to get the trucks back up and running.

As a reminder, the County has roughly 2,400 km of road that it plows and the target is to have all of them plowed within 72 hrs of the COMPLETION of a major snow event.  During that time, some routes may be cleared more than once, but the target is to have all of them done within that time frame.

Burning Barrels & Fire Pits (@1:54)

There was a request at Council today by a resident to ban ALL burning barrels and fire pits within Foothills County due to risks of fires spreading.  Council decided to keep them as we are aware that they are important to many other residents.

I would just like to remind residents that, if you have either a burning barrel or fire pit, YOU MUST STAY ON THE PREMESIS while they are burning.  DO NOT LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED!  

I know that we have received some more snow, so the risk is not as high as a few months ago, however, we want to be sure that we are Fire Smart and take the necessary precautions to always be fire safe!

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