Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Oct 10 Update - EXCITING NEWS MRAS Arena Rebuild Project, Square Butte Meeting and Project

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EXCITING NEWS - MRAS Arena Rebuild Project

A big thank you to MRAS President, Brent Foster and Treasurer, Nancy Seaman for coming before MD Council today.  They brought Council up to speed on the vision, direction, and progress of the new arena currently being built at the MRAS along with all the incredible ideas for funding and new opportunities at the site.

I was able to visit the facility under construction and am very excited about the direction it is taking and how amazing a facility it will be upon completion.

There was some exciting news that came out of the meeting before Council but unfortunately, I cannot share that news until next week when the meeting minutes are ratified.  So STAY TUNED and be sure to check back next week for that!

The MD of Foothills is still accepting donations to go towards the project on behalf of the MRAS.  If you are interested in donating, CLICK HERE for the form or call the MRAS directly at 403-931-3411.

Square Butte Meeting - November 8th IS confirmed (@2:14)

The meeting I discussed last week at the Square Butte Hall in conjunction with the High Country Rural Crime Watch IS CONFIRMED for Nov 8th at 7pm.  Some of the topics of conversation include:
  • The MD's new Enhanced Policing Pilot
  • The Maclean Creek Fire this past summer
  • Update from the Turner Valley RCMP
  • and more
Mark your calendars Nov 8th at 7pm for Square Butte Hall. If there are specific items you would like to have on the agenda, feel free to let me know.

Check back here on my website or at for more details as I have them. (@3:53)

Our Dark Sky Initiatives Stakeholders Working Group has a new initiative being launched in the community.  The following postcard will going out to residents in the area to help bring more awareness to the importance of the MD's Dark Sky Initiative.  If you would like more information on it, visit

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