Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Sept 26 Update (4min) - Federal Livestock Tax Deferral Program and Millarville Waterline

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Federal Livestock Tax Deferral Program

It was brought to my attention by a resident that the MD of Foothills is not currently included in the current map put out by the Federal Government for drought affected areas therefore, ranchers in our area do not currently qualify for this program.

I have discussed this issue with numerous people and some MD staff was able to reach staff at the Federal Government to voice our concerns and was not able to get much information.  What he did learn was the map is purely a preliminary map and it will be updated as forage numbers are evaluated.  They would not tell him where the received their data on what areas suffered drought conditions.

See the above video for more information.

Millarville Waterline

The line is nearing completion.  MD staff stated that they would be doing a flush of the line later this week.  They have stated that they are currently on track with construction projections of completion to the water treatment plant by beginning of October and still are hoping for the beginning of November for the extension to the Millarville Community School.

There may be some traffic interruptions in the hamlet as they start work on the distribution line for the hamlet but as I receive information, I will do my best to keep you up to date.

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