Wednesday, 2 May 2018

GOOD NEWS - $3 million to the MD of Foothills for "Emergency Preparedness"

All Residents of the MD Will Benefit... 

Of the $10 million dollars announced by the province earmarked for "Emergency Preparedness" the MD of Foothills will be the recipients of $3 million.  The funds will go towards a Provincial stockpile of equipment and supplies (i.e.: pumps, hose, sand bags and other supplies for flood prevention) that will be stored in the MD of Foothills

MD staff is still in conversation with the Province as to exactly what will be purchased and included.  They are also discussing with the Province ways to make distribution of the supplies in the state of emergency more seamless.

It sounds as though the MD may also receive an additional $10,000 per year from the province (in addition to the $15,000 they currently receive) for storage and maintenance of the stockpile. Click the video below for more details.

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