Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Jan 10/19 Update - MD Snow Removal, Graders and Snowmobiles

MD Snow Removal Policy

Many of you may be aware that the MD public works has a snow removal target of 72 hrs after the completion of a major snow event.  The goal public works has is to clear all 4,400 lane km within that timeframe.  Some of you may not have received it within that timeframe over the last few weeks.

See the video below for more details or continue reading below...

There are a couple reasons they have had challenges with this recently:
  1. As we received multiple snow events repeatedly within 72hrs, the time basically resets and the focus has to be opening the major routes first.
  2. The MD lost 2 graders and some plow trucks to breakdowns over the holidays.
With that essential equipment down, it may take longer for the MD to get to your roads.  They are trying their best to get all of them up and running as quickly as possible.  One of the graders will be down for a while as it had the transmission go out of it.

Please be patient with them as they are doing the best they can to get your roads cleared.

Snowmobilers in Millarville

As I mentioned in a post yesterday.  For your own safety, please do not snowmobile on the lake in Millarville as it is (click here to read more)...